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Fruit in September and October

There is a huge variety of apples and pears!
Have you ever tasted and compared? They can be sweet, tart, juicy, tangy, and just wonderful. And see how different the look!

Clockwise from left: Jonathan, Cortland, Gala
Local apples differ from supermarket apples in three ways.
The most obvious difference is the sticker which is "cemented" on to the apples in the grocery store. Growers don't need stickers to tell them what kind of apples they are selling.
The second difference is the wax present on the apples sold in grocery store. Our home grown apples are only polished, and are not sprayed with wax to preserve shelf life.
The third and perhaps most important difference is the difference in taste. Our homegrown apples are packed with flavor. Tasting the many different varieties of apples grown in our orchard will allow you to select an apple with right amount of sweetness or tartness for your individual taste buds.
Jonagold, Golden and Red Delicious
Clockwise from left: Jonagold, Golden and Red Delicious
Photo Jaatmaa, 2002
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