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Peaches in July, August, September- meet us at the markets!

Peaches are at their peak now!
Nothing can beat tree ripened nectarines and peaches for an "out-of-hand" eating experience. But make sure you have a napkin close by.

The dry season has produced sweet juicy peaches.

Picking peaches requires experience and skill to obtain sweet tree ripened peaches.

Not all peaches on the tree are picked at one time - it takes about five different pickings before a tree has been totally picked.

There are many varieties of peaches that ripen at different times of the season - for example Red Haven, Sun Haven, Glo Haven, Sun High, Raritan Rose, etc.


There are both white and yellow flesh peaches. White peaches are very fragile and have a unique flavor. Most people are more familiar with yellow peaches. But tree ripened peaches far surpass grocery store peaches.

Photo Calimer & Jaatmaa, 2002-03
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