Scenic View Orcahrds, Maryland

Retail Farm Market - open May through November Daily 10AM to 6 PM

We at Scenic View invite our customers to stop in at the market and sample some of the freshest produce available in the area.

In our store next to the orchard you find highest quality produce, fresh from the field changing with every season, and, on weekends, baked goods.




Other products at the store include jams, jellies and other specialty items. Fresh cut and dried flower bouquets are sold at the market and at local farmer's markets. You can also find a wide variety of gift items including whimsical birdhouses and gift baskets.

Early June you will enjoy strawberries picked early in the morning - what can beat that?
Peaches and apples ripen on the trees located on the sunny slopes of the Catoctin Mountains. The flavor of fruit shipped from other states/countries cannot begin to compete with the flavor attained when nature ripens the fruit while it is still hanging on the tree.


Once you have experienced the sweetness of vine ripened melons and tomatoes, you will never settle for less during the summer/fall months.

Sweet corn that has just been harvested the same day of sale is another delicacy available at our farm markets. Our harvesting practices make eating healthy fruits and vegetables a very pleasurable experience.

Please come and see us at the market on the farm.
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